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Past Royalty & Court


Momus “Sailed Through Scandinavia” with R. Gary Peters crowned King Frivolous CV and Francis Margaret Kusnerik crowned his Queen. W. Russell Sheirman served as our President.


Momus celebrated “Fiesta de Momus” with Vic Fertitta crowned King Frivolous CIV and Blayne Fertitta crowned his Queen. Hal Rochkind served as our president.


2018 Momus celebrated “Galveston, Queen City of the Gulf” with James E McLean crowned King Frivolous CIII and Ari Brown crowned his Queen. Scott Livanec served as our President.


2017 Momus celebrated “Pirates of the Caribean” with Lawrence Estes crowned King Frivolous CII & Lauren Anne Balentine crowned his Queen. Robert Kline served as our President.


2016 Momus celebrated “Super Hero’s Unleashed” with Thomas Braden Daly crowned King Frivolous CI and Jorden Shaye Raschke crowned his Queen. Scott Kusnerik served as our President.


Momus salutes “KNIGHTS IN OLD SHANGHAI” in 2015 with William C. Ansell being crowned King Frivolous C and Alexandra Brown as his Queen. Anthony P. Brown was President.


“POP” was celebrated in 2014. Pop Art, Pop Culture and Pop Music! Larry Gillaspia was crowned King Frivolous XCIX and Kimberly McLeod Matthews was Queen.The President was Steven E. Conner.


Momus salutes “THE JAZZ AGE” in 2013. King Frivolous XCVIII was Thomas J. Perich and the Queen was Megan Elizabeth O’Malley. Lawrence C. Estes, Jr. was President.


Pink flamingos arrived as Momus proclaims “A SOUTH BEACH HOLIDAY” in 2012. John J. Listowski was crowned King Frivolous XCVII and Shelby Schulz was Queen. President was John Koza.


In 2011 Momus ushered in the "ARABIAN KNIGHTS" featuring the magic of the legends of the Near East. Tilman J. Fertitta was King Frivolous XCVI and the Queen was Dorothy Claire Henderson. James E. McLean was President.


We cruised along in 2010 as Momus celebrated the "TREASURESOF THE SEA". King Frivolous XCV was Steven C. Salch. Havard Sarah Lambert was Queen. B. Kelley Parker was President.


In 2009 Momus proclaims a "RIVIERA HOLIDAY" with the glamour and excitement of Monte Carlo… Ed Eubanks was King Frivolous XCIV and Kelli Fertitta was the Queen. Frank Dominguez, III was President.


In 2008 Momus took off to "SAIL THE SOUTH PACIFIC" and enjoys beautiful sunsets and tropical beaches. King Frivolous XCIII was David O’Donohoe and Madeline Shelton was Queen. Larry Gillaspia was President.


In 2007 we toasted "THEANIMAL KINGDOM" from the cloud forest of Peru to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. The Okavango, Kalahari and Serengeti of Africa. Fred C. Burns was King Frivolous XCII. The Queen was Jennifer Leigh Worsham. Thomas B. Daly was President.


In 2006 it was the food, drink and music of "VIVA ITALIA!" That Momus celebrated. V. J. Tramonte was King Frivolous XCI. Lauren Frances Gillaspia was the Queen. Christopher Bertini was President.


The swing era became "USA: RED, WHITE AND BLUE" in 2005. King Frivolous XC was Lee B. Ansell. The Queen was Kathryn Anne Kimbrough. The President was Thomas J. Perich.


And who could forget "ROCK N’ ROLLl" and blue suede shoes in 2004. Michael C. Doherty was King Frivolous LXXXIX. Jean Clare Daly was the Queen. Steven C. Salch was President.


"TROPICAL AND INTERNATIONAL" was the theme in 2003, Rainforests of the World. James B. Earthman was King Frivolous LXXXVIII. Keath Ellen Lewis was the Queen. Armin Cantini was President.


In 2002 it was a "SALUTE TO THE BRITISH ISLES", England, Ireland and Scotland. King Frivolous LXXXVII was James L. Ware. The Queen was Joan Douglas McLeod Kirksey. The President was David E. O’Donohoe.


Momus went intergalactic with "SPACE AND BEYOND" in 2001. William H. Felts Jr. was King Frivolous LXXXVI. Suzanne John Hesley was the Queen. Edwin A. Eubanks was President.


The new century began with "TEXAS, THE NEXT MILLENNIUM" in 2000. King Frivolous LXXXV was E. Douglas McLeod. The Queen was Rosmond Elaina Duzick. The President was Fred D. Raschke.


In 1999, Momus danced under the big top with "CIRCUS MOMUS". King Frivolous LXXXIV was Edward B. McDonough, Jr. The Queen was Rebekah Lee Doherty. The President was R. Gary Peters.


"THE BIG SPEAK EASY" Momus salutes the Roaring Twenties in 1998. Robert Young Pagan was King Frivolous LXXXIII. Anna Elizabeth Raimer was the Queen. James B. Earthman was President.


1997 proved to be truly magnifico when Momus proclaimed "Mexico Magnifico!" with hundreds of Mexican performers and artisans participating. Pierre M. Schlumberger was King Frivolous LXXXII. Frances Lorna Howell was Queen. William C. Ansell was President.


The New Orleans blues were played throughout The Strand in 1996 when Momus proclaimed a "CRESCENT CITY CARNIVAL". King Frivolous LXXXI was W. L. Moody IV. Tara Colleen Schmidt was the Queen. Edward B. McDonough Jr. was President.


The entire continent of Asia was celebrated in 1995 with Momus’ "MASKS OF ASIA". Rudy Teichman was King Frivolous LXXX. Lindsey Elizabeth McLeod was Queen. William H. Felts Jr. was President.


In 1994 Momus went international once again with a journey to the Mediterranean on a "GREEK ODYSSEY". King Frivolous LXXIX was George P. Mitchell. The Queen was Julie Marlene Milstein Walter. The President was Pierre M. Schlumberger.


Momus was "BROADWAY BOUND" in 1993, with a nod to the stage and its greatest musicals, from Phantom of the Opera to A Chorus Line. Jack T. Currie was King Frivolous LXXVIII. Susan Lee Hornstein was the Queen. Vincent J. Tramonte was President.


1992 proved to be a grand celebration of two worlds when Momus celebrated the Festival de Dos Mundos and proclaimed "VIVA ESPANA!" to honor the quincentennial of Christopher Columbus. King Frivolous LXXVII was Andrew Stirton and the Queen was Eleanor Peters. The President was Andrew Leslie.


The stars were shining on Galveston in 1991 when Momus proclaimed a "HOLLYWOOD SALUTE". Kyle Gillespie was King Frivolous LXXVI. Katherine Fields Seinsheimer Lykes was Queen. Jack Currie was President.


Momus saluted "CARNAVAL DO BASIL" in 1990. King Frivolous LXXV was Dr. William C. Levin. Alexandra Ann McLeod was the Queen. The President was Michael Doherty.


Momus Mardi Gras became an official event of the bicentennial of the French Revolution in 1989 when we celebrated "FETE DE FRANCE". Vandy Anderson was King Frivolous LXXIV and the Queen was Frances Anne Moody Dahlberg. James L. Ware was President.


Momus sailed the Grand Canal in 1988 with "CARNEVALE DI VENEZIA". King Frivolous LXXIII was Robert K. Hutchings. Julie Ann Hutchings Bennett was the Queen. E. Douglas McLeod was President.


Momus traversed the "CARIBBEAN SEAS" in 1987 with Jamaican chefs and Bahamian Junkanoos. Charles E. Fougerousse was King Frivolous LXXII and the Queen was Libbie Thompson Walker Ansell. E. Douglas McLeod was President.


In 1986 we saluted great "CARNIVALS OF THE WORLD" from Germany to South America. King Frivolous LXXI was W. J. Jenkins and the Queen was Katherine Elena Moore Simmons. Kenneth R. Shelton Jr. was President.


We traveled back to the "AGE OF MYTHOLOGY" to kick off the revelry in 1985 and for the grand opening of The Tremont House. Kenneth R. Shelton, Jr. was King Frivolous LXX and the Queen was Margaret Williams Walker Janek.


The revival of the "KREWE OF MOMUS MARDI GRAS" celebration was in 1984. King Frivolous LXIX was David W. Moore and the Queen was Mary Hutchings Cooper.